We Tried Beboe's Luxury Cannabis


Um…so…cannabis is very legal in California now. My bestie Angelique Cabral and I wanted to know what that meant. We were canni-curious, if you will. Can we, like, go around being stoned all the time and it’s fine? Of course we would not do that. We are responsible mothers and respectable adults. But still…we needed to know.

We sat down with Kiana Anvaripour, the CMO of a luxury cannabis company called Beboe. They are a COOL company - their products are not only gorgeous but incredibly well-made and accessible to the, shall we say, light weed smoker. I think a lot of us have an idea of a stoner being a dirty dude in a beanie smoking in their high school parking lot. Kiana explained how cannabis can actually be a very healthy, safe, and enjoyable addition to anyone’s life, and I love that the stigma is starting to change.

If you have a glass of wine at night (or two or three or a bottle it’s fine kids are stressful) this could be an alternative. Their products relax you in the exact same way, but without the exhaustion or headache in the morning.

You gotta check out our video to hear about the products (also listed below). LET US KNOW if you try them, or talk to us about what you think of the shift toward legal weeeeeed.

And of course, smoke responsibly people. Love ya!



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Jamie Greenberg