What’s Jamie’s Swag Bag?

Y’ALL. This might be the most excited I’ve been in a long time. ICYMI, I’m launching the very first Swag Bag this week! 😍 This is a true Jamie Makeup exclusive. All the glitz and glam I share with my celebrity clients, I will now be sharing with YOU, and you know how much I love sharing my favorite products. I’ve been posting my favorite things on YouTube once a month since forever, but with Swag Bag, we’re taking it to another level. I’m not just giving you the info and a discount code, you’re actually getting the goods. 💄 Yaaaasss!!!!!

So, what is Swag Bag??

Jamie’s Swag Bag is an exclusive subscription service offering the perks of Hollywood glamour, delivered right to your door. As a celebrity makeup artist, I have early access to the best products in the industry. And since many of you look to me for advice on makeup products, skincare, and brands, I’m thrilled to be able to finally offer some of the same perks to you! I’m partnering with my favorite brands and sharing my favorite products. Each Swag Bag will offer at least 5 of the best full-size cosmetic and skincare products which are curated for you and your beauty needs. And beyond makeup and skincare, I'll also include a surprise gift that’s trending in Hollywood right now… you’ll just have to wait find out what that will be! So what are you waiting for, huh?

GOOD IDEA, RIGHT? Here’s why I’m doing it.

Every single person is unique, and every single person deserves to feel as gorgeous as they are. I love my job because I get to help my clients feel confident in their own skin. I always try to take their natural (inner and outer) beauty and make it radiate even more, and I only wish that I could do that for more people.

With Swag Bag, I can be your personal makeup artist from afar. I can send you what I think you need, get your feedback, try something new in the next bag, all while communicating with my videos and live streams to teach you how to get the most out of each product. It’s like I’m right there with you, helping you get ready in the morning! Except in a nice beauty-fairy-godmother kind of way, not in a creepy snuck-into-your-house kind of way.

What’s IN THE BAG?

Can’t say yet, it’s a surprise!! But I can tell you this…

1) This Friday, March 8th at 12pm pst, 2pm cst, and 3pm est, I am going to be opening the first swag bag RIGHT HERE on jamiemakeup.com/swagbag. You’ll not only see all the products inside, why I love them, and how to use them, but you’ll have a chance to win giveaways and get your own discount codes even if you aren’t signed up for the bag. You have to watch!! I’ll be doing these live openings live on the second Friday of every month. 😍 Mark your calendars, people. It’ll be so fun.

2) I love to include brands that not only offer incredible quality, but are run by people who share the same values as I do. Many of the brands are environmentally conscious, charitable, or were born from a positive team hoping to solve some kind of beauty problem for their clients. I use all of the products in Swag Bag on myself and my celebrity clients, and my goal is for you to try them all and find the ones that work best for you.


We only have a limited number of Swag Bags at the moment, but we’re growing every day. You can get on the Wait List for the bag right now, then we’ll let you know as soon as the subscription is available to purchase. Follow these steps:

1) Sign up for my Crew. With Jamie’s Crew, you’ll get exclusive discounts, updates, info AND you’ll be automatically entered into giveaway contests.

2) Once you’re signed up for my Crew, I’ll send you a Beauty Survey via email within a few days. This survey is funnnn and it will allow me to better understand you and your beauty needs (so don’t forget to take that).

3) Once you complete the Beauty Survey, I’ll send you a link to sign up for the Swag Bag Wait List!

4) If you’re on the Wait List, you’ll be the first to know when a subscription to Swag Bag is available. Check that email gurl!


Let’s recap… Swag Bag is here, ya’ll. My fave subscription yet. And if you weren’t able to sign up in time for the first one, let’s get you on the list for next month’s! Sign up for my Crew and I’ll get you set up with a link to sign up for Swag Bag. And whether you signed up or not, check out the LIVE Swag Bag opening this Friday on WWW.JAMIEMAKEUP.COM/SWAGBAG!

CanNOT wait for you to see what’s coming! Thank you all so much for helping to make this happen…your support makes it possible. Love you! 💕