Why Is Breastfeeding So F***ing Complicated??


Those of you that frequent my social media platforms have seen the beautiful, funny, and talented Katie Lowes. She is a new mom and has created a podcast series called “Katie’s Crib.”  She talks all about life as a mom - all the new adventures, exciting moments, and well ... the NOT so exciting moments.

I was so excited to do a podcast with her. What about, you ask? Well, this is where it got fun. The topic was breastfeeding, and of course, per the title, why it is so darn complicated.

New moms, past moms, and soon-to-be moms - if you need a good laugh or have no idea what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding your newborn, listen up.

P.S. We also got some input from Kristen Bell! 

EPISODE 103: Why Is Breastfeeding So F*cking Complicated

Listen on Apple Podcasts here:  https://apple.co/2qv6hXW

Have any funny stories about your first time breastfeeding? Share them with us in the comment section! I promise you aren’t the only one who felt it!

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