Winter Relief: No More Dry Skin


Every fall and winter, people want to know which lotions and moisturizers I recommend for dry skin. These colder months can be sooo dry, but there is hope! Here are a few of my go-to moisturizers, lotions, and oils to keep your skin smooth all season long.

Hydration is so important, not just on our faces but all over! Put one of these products in your bag, your car, your bathroom, your bedroom…I tend to end up with a few all over the place just for emergencies!

Click on a product below for more info, and if you have any questions, DM me @jamiemakeup!


CHUDA HEALING HYDRATING CREAM: I feel like I refer this to someone at least once a day. It deserves it! This is my favorite moisturizing cream. It’s so rich and has lasting effects you’ll feel right away. I’m obsessed!!!

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EGYPTIAN MAGIC CREAM: This is a natural all-purpose skin cream that really works!

BURT’S BEES: My go-to drug store brand. Love this lotion (comes in small and large sizes) and you can find it anywhere. If you’re on the go, stop into literally any CVS or Walgreens and you’ll find some. Smells great, feels great, and it’s affordable. Um…what more could you want?

LANOLIPS MULTIPURPOSE SUPERBALM: Lanolips is one of my constant go-to’s, but if you’re looking for something to help with chapped and and dry lips, this is my top recommendation. You can also use it on elbows, cuticles, or anywhere else that needs it, but it works wonders on your lips.

Elizabeth Arden:

These products are some of the very best for hydration. Starting with the original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, this will give you all-day moisture and protection from the sun. It’s one of the best SPF moisturizers, and if you’re thinking, “But it’s winter, why should I worry about having SPF in my products?” please think again!! Quick fact: during winter months, UVB rays are weaker, so it’s harder to get a sunburn. However, UVA rays are just as strong, and those are the suckers that cause wrinkles, premature aging, and skin damage! Wear your sunscreen all year round, people!

Next, the Nighttime Miracle Moisturizer may be light-weight, but it’s SO hydrating. I love the feeling of going to bed with a strong moisturizer on my face, and this is a great option for winter. Finally, you can use the All-Over Miracle Oil, well, all over! Face, body, HAIR…apply this oil for intense moisture any time you need it. Use these products individually or all together, and you’ll really feel the difference!


These amazing products are not just a day cream, not just a night cream, and not just a mask…they’re all three! Whaaat? Perfect if you want less products on your already-messy bathroom counter, and these even come with ingredients like aloe juice, green tea, or rose water to give a little extra. If you have super dry skin, go for the Hydrating Mask.


I hope this helped you get through the season!!! Happy holidays everyone! 💕