YA PEAKED: My Podcast Interview with Heather McMahan!!

I was obsessed with Heather McMahan before you!!! Before all of you!!!! Seriously though, I’ve loved this Insta-gal for so long and I am so proud of her for blowing up. If you don’t know Heather, follow @heatherkmcmahan and you will not stop laughing. She’s a hilarious character actor but most importantly a down-to-earth homie and I love everything she does and stands for.

I was so excited when she invited me on her new podcast!!! It was a joy to be on it especially because I feel so comfortable talking to Heather about real shit. I lost my mom, she lost her dad, and we get real about what that was like for us. We won’t make you sob, don’t worry…both our parents were hilarious people who lived life with jokes, laughter and wisdom. We can’t remember them without carrying that on too.

And of course we talk about makeup, my work in the industry, instagram trends (for better and for worse) LA peeps, my mommy makeover, and dessert. We love dessert. I can’t wait for you to listen. Love you Heather. 😍 And love you all for supporting us!!


This episode isn’t just about serums and concealer... oh no ladies and gents, we TALK ALL OF THE THINGS. Growing up on the East Coast, Dead Parents and Mommy Makeovers, because let’s not forget who doesn’t love a great Beverly Hills plastic surgery moment. Jamie is truly one of the most hilarious guests of all time who has a heart of gold and speaks her mind with no reservations.
— ABSOLUTELY NOT with Heather McMahan